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  The very centre of the kingdom, where the three spurs of the King’s Road meet is the village of Waymeet. It is a very safe place and a great place for people to meet and chat about what is happening in the kingdom. Very little occurs in Albion that does not get told of in the Waymeet Inn.


Waymeet is a delightful little place that could easily be called “quaint”. It is surrounded by farmlands and is currently the centre for the Old Faith in the kingdom. There is a small church, of course and the bishop here gets on well with the local druid.   The Count of Waymeet, Lord Thomas controls Waymeet from his castle around which the village spreads. He is a good leader, on good terms with the Abbot of the nearby seminary and also with Marik, the druid of the area. It is the most important village in the kingdom and Lord Thomas is the fourth most influential person in the kingdom after the king and his two cousins, the Dukes.   There is no standing army here but the area is patrolled equally by the soldiers from south, north and east.  


Waymeet is important purely for its geographical position. It was existed for some two hundred years, since the King's Road was built. In fact, Waymeet was custom built as a meeting point at the centre of the kingdom, approximately equi-distant from all the major towns. Waymeet has always been the place to come for rumours and news in the kingdom. It is not possible to travel from one town to another in the kingdom, on the King's Road, without passing through Waymeet.  


Waymeet had a fairly quiet time of it during the Chaos Wars. The hordes of the mountains were stopped at Thistledelve; the Easterners were stopped at Eastward; and the disease of the Scarlet Lord was contained before it escaped Littlebrook.   Warden Thomas was promoted to Count by the new King Jarrad I when he set up the Honour System of Albion in 2002 CY. He is still as friendly as ever, his door is still open to all and Waymeet is still the place to come for news.  

News and Rumour

Dame Talen and Sir Heremod have just had a son.


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