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Waymeet Abbey

The seminary where all priests are trained, this also serves as the chapter house of the Knights who guard it. Waymeet Abbey is a very peaceful place where the priests of Pelor are trained. The building is an old manor house with glorious furnishings and religious artifacts. The chapter house is a large stone keep which sits along side the Abbey and in which the knights constantly train.


Novice clerics and paladins are trained here. The populace doesn't really see a difference between the two, considering them both to be holy warriors and wise men. Indeed, all clerics recieve strong training in the art of war and upon graduation all clerics and paladins at Waymeet are given ceremonial breastplate armour, small steel shield and light mace (with holy symbols and continual flame spells respectively) as their badge of honour. Clerics and paladins are expected to wear this armour when acting on behalf of the church.   Paladins of a high standing, who so choose and who pass the test, are often admitted to the ranks of the Knights of the Sun and are no longer considered part of the clergy as such.  


The Abbey was mostly left untouched during the Chaos Wars. Since the end of the wars, it has continued to be the centre of training for the clerics and paladins of the land, protected by the Knights of the Sun.  

News and Rumour

Rumour has it that the Abbot and Knight Commander here do not get a long too well.
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