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The Barren Scrub

The Barren Scrub, also known as the Barren Wastes, lies to the south of the Kingdom of Albion. It is a desolate and deadly place, infested with tribes of hobgoblins and other far more sinister creatures.


These waste lands were once rolling plains and fertile hills much like the rest of Albion, but around fourteen centuries ago the fabled wizard Callindrill apparently summoned and lost control of a great daemon. The ensuing battle laid waste to the plains of southern Albion, creating a great desert and the desolate landscape that now dominates this part of the world.    The ancient city of Tamoachan lay in the south western portion of this region on what is now the border with The Great Desert and Hishan. It was utterly destroyed in the calamity that created this region. Its ruins exist here to this day.  


The Tomb of Callindrill is rumoured to lay in the north eastern edge of the Barren Scrub. It was plundered by the Fellowship of the Sun at the turn of the second millennium, in search of the legendary Key of Seven Stars that was hid there by Titus.   After the Chaos Wars the Fellowship conducted a quest deep into the Barren Scrub to reclaim the fabled lost sword of Sir Karith, last grandmaster of the Knights of the Sun. They were unsuccessful.  

News and Rumour

It is rumoured that many strange and mystical beasts and constructs roam the Barren Scrub, possibly built, summoned or conjured by the late Callindrill. The truth of these rumours is unknown but no merchant caravans have ever come back after setting off into the wastelands south of the Kingdom and those few adventurers that do tell very tall tales.
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