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Southern Swamp

The Southern Swamplands are a vast, sprawling area of bog, heathlands, swamps and marshes. They are nothing like as sinister or unpleasant as the Black Marsh to the north, but rather are where the waters of the Dragon Flood empty out. It is believed that perhaps the far eastern end of the swamp there may be a large lake but that would be in the Easterner's realm so no one is sure.


This area of swampland has been here as long as anyone can remember and as far back as history goes.  


The Southern Swamplands play a vital role in defending the realm of Albion from the east. Between the Black Marsh, the forest of Eldaran, the Barren Scrub and these swamps the whole of the eastern edge of Albion is pretty much impassable apart from the small corridor guarded by the town of Eastward.  

News and Rumour

Rumours tell of a land of huge reptiles in the southern area of the swamps, near the Barren Scrub and the Great Desert, but no one has been there and returned with any proof yet.
Wetland / Swamp
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