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Bandit Wood

Located nearly at the heart of the kingdom, this large sprawling decidious wood got its name back at the start of the 20th century when it was crawling with bandits. It is now supposed to be clear of their like but still no one travels through the wood if they can help it as it still has an evil reputation.
Lying about a day's walk up stream from Waymeet, following the Dragons Flood, it's northern reaches edge the southern boundary of the Furrowed Hills and its southern reaches overhang the slow moving river. It is a fairly tangled forest with many briars, thorns and thistles. It is not a simple place to pass through. There are no known paths through the forest.   The trees here are not suitable for felling so there is no real economic gain to be had with claiming control of the wood. The wood is supposed to be deserted and is not logged by any woodsmen so there are no political issues here. The wood lies almost equidistant to Thistledelve and Waymeet so it probably suffers from both towns assuming the other will look after it.  


It has been known to be used by the evil denizens of the mountains as a stopping point en route to raiding when times are tough in the mountains so claiming control of it would mean extra resources would need to be ploughed into patrolling it. Neither town seems keen to do that so both maintain an easy level of patrols around the area. No patrols enter the wood so no one knows what might lie in its centre.   It is an eerie place with an evil reputation.  


Nothing much has changed in this old wood for a long time. The recent Chaos Wars mostly passed it by except that the Old Church of Ashtar was recovered by adventurers.
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