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The Black Swamp

The Black Swamp lies in the north east corner of the kingdom. It gets its name from the brackish waters that comprise most of this landscape. It is a foul smelling, disgusting place that provides no resources and no one in their right mind would go into.
There are no known trails through the marsh and the best way to traverse it would be by boat, but it has a bad reputation and few people ever venture far into it.  


  No one knows a great deal about this marsh, but many, many years ago there was supposed to be a great city built in this region. It must have sunk beneath the brackish waters and been swallowed without trace a long time past.  


  The Chaos Wars had no known effect upon this desolate place.  

News and Rumour

  Many rumours are always floating around about this area. Strange lights are sometimes seen across the water, supposedly the torches of the reptile men, or perhaps lights lit by who knows whom to lure people to their death.
Wetland / Swamp
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