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Baltazar's Bazaar of the Bizarre

Baltazar's Bazaar of the Bizarre is a totally unique place in the The Kingdom of Albion.  It is the one place where you can come to buy and sell magical items and curios.     Baltazar is an eccentric and unusual person.  His looks are hard to pin down and his accent is "foreign" yet not easily place able.  He wears outlandish robes of multi-coloured hue and has a long scraggly, white beard which marks him as old, though his face has less wrinkles than his beard would suggest it should have.   Baltazar will buy any magical item, and is able to locate most Uncommon magical items for sale if given enough time and notice.  Rarer items might occasionally be available in the shop and may be hunted down if a buyer is especially keen or determined to get hold of one.  He seems to have far more funds to buy items than most in the city.   He is also a good source of rumours for where such items might be located, if he does not have them himself.   Quite how he gets this information is unknown, but it is known that his information is usually reliable.
Shop, Magic
Parent Location

Level of Wealth

Baltazar's Bazaar of the Bizarre Max Price of Items Magic Items Traded?
Shop 10,000 gold Yes, up to uncommon

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