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  Littlebrook is the current capital of the The Kingdom of Albion. It is said by some (typically those living far away) to be too far away from what is really happening in the land. It is said by others (typically those living nearby) that anything that happens away from Littlebrook is not worth knowing about.


Feudal Monarchy.


Situated in the south western corner of the realm this town is the largest and most heavily populated of the whole kingdom. It is the cultural, religious, financial and military centre of the land.   The capital is run by the King, Jarrad the First, son of King Richard the Second, from his castle in the centre of the town. Cardinal O’Connor, head of the church resides in the magnificent Cathedral, and Sir Harken, head of the Order of the Sun lives in the Chapter House adjacent to it. These three people are in many ways the most powerful three people in the land.  


Littlebrook stands on the site of the ancient city of Baras. Baras was raised to the ground in 1004 CY during the Demon Prince's short Reign of Terror. It is believed that Baras was defeated by an army that came up from the underdark, headed by the Scarlet Lord, the Demon Prince's second leiutenant, spreading disease and destruction before buring everything that stood in the city. It was wiped out in less than a week.   Littlebrook is currently the biggest town in the kingdom, having been the first one to rebuild after the Reign of Terror. Baras was not the capital of the old kingdom but Littlebrook was the place the king at the time decided to build his new home.  


Littlebrook was close to coming under the dominion of the Scarlet Lord and his wasting disease again during the Chaos Wars. But he was stopped by the Fellowship of Pelor. He was not destroyed, however, but imprisoned in an extradimensional prison.


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