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  Located in the north west of The Kingdom of Albion is a village called Oakhurst. Most of its 900 residents (including outlying farms) are human, with a sizable minority of halflings and a scattering of other races.   Significant locations in Oakhurst, and the people to be found within them, include the following:  

Village Hall

The center of government in Oakhurst includes the office of Mayor Vurnor Leng, a male human.  

General Store

The village’s main source for supplies and merchandise is the general store, owned and operated by Kerowyn Hucrele, a female human.  


Advice, information, and healing are among the services dispensed at the village’s shrine. It is maintained by Dem “Corkie” Nackle, a female halfling priest of the Light.  


Next to the village hall is a stout building where miscreants serve their sentences. Oakhurst’s constable is Felosial, a female half-fey. She commands a force of sixteen guards and four scouts who keep the village safe.  


Repairing and forging arms and armour is the job of the village smithy, Rurik Lutgehr, a male dwarf.  

Ol’ Boar Inn

Garon, a male human, is the owner and barkeep of the Ol’ Boar Inn. He serves food and drink, and the place has a few rooms that visitors can rent.
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Level of Wealth

Oakhurst Max Price of Items Magic Items Traded?
Village 5 gold No


Heavy armour is not legally available to the non-upper classes in Albion. Plate armour is available but only to Knights of the Sun. Trade in magical items is rare, but slowly increasing. Many such traders will be from Hishan, Honshu or, rarer still, the Wildlands and beyond.


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