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Pembrose City State

Pembrose is probably the least agressive city state of them all. Its main trade is to log trees and sell them on to Haven for it's ship building industry. It trades for the iron ore Haven produces out of the Western Cliff mines and other minerals. It also trades with Dominion to the north but that relationship is less friendly.
The state is a feudal monarchy which up till about a year ago was headed by King Derik II. He recently died, leaving a wife and two twin sons, Dulak and Wilbur. King Dulak I naturally ascended to the throne.   However, rumours coming out of Pembrose tell that the queen mother, old King Derik's wife, favours the younger (by minutes) twin, Prince Wilbur. Prince Wilbur has taken the title Duke of Woodend and has taken up residence there, whilst the new king and the queen mother both live in the palace in Pembrose city. It is not known if this situation will cause a rift in the state but there is much speculation in the populace.   It is said that the Duke of Woodend is undergoing talks with the sorceress queen who rules the fey of the wood. What the purposes of these talks are is unknown. Surely it must have to do with the amount of lumber the state is taking from the fey wood. Or are they forging an alliance? And is the new King involved in these discussions or is it something the Prince is doing of his own accord?   Pembrose's lands vary from the south to the north. The southern end is rolling farmland, almost a continuation of Haven's plains. By the northern end the lands have become more rocky and flinty as they touch on the edges of Dominion's rocky mine lands. There are a few Pembrosian mines in the northern reaches but these are mostly not very efficient and most minerals still need to be traded in. To the south the farms are quite productive - enough so to be able to feed the population and still have some food spare enough to trade north with Dominion and other places with shortages.   The open wilds of Pembrose are relatively safe to the traveller. Not because they are particularly well patrolled but more because the lands are simply not inhabitted by many dangerous creatures in comparison to the other city states.   Waystations and village inns are common in Pembrose state so the traveller is well cared for, and when no village can be found the abundance of wayward pines mean a night under the stars is a rare occurance for the experienced traveller.
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