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The town of Woodend nestles in the eaves of the elven wood of Sylvandale. It is home to Prince Wilbur, the Duke of Woodend, and is the second largest settlement in the state of Pembrose. This is also the largest logging settlement in the whole of the Wildlands.
Woodend's major trade is lumber. Wood is cut from the fringes of the elven wood and then worked into logs for trade in the many lumber mills in the town. Many of these use the power of the local river to drive huge saws and the warehouses are typically stacked high with timber ready for exporting around the Wildlands. The main target for these exports is the Haven shipping industry but much of it also goes to outfit Pembrose's "navy" - the collection of fishing boats which plow the great lake at the state's western borders.   Relations with the fey of the wood seem fairly amicable, mostly because the men of Pembrose stick to the agreements forged with the fey years ago, and do not lumber too deep into their mystical realm.   It is said that Prince Wilbur is undertaking talks with the Queen of the elves, but the purpose of these talks is unknown. Depending on who you listen to, they could be anything from discussions about increasing the depth and levels of logging the Pembrosians are allowed to enlisting her support in a coup to replace his brother. Perhaps only time will tell the truth of these rumours.   Woodend is a friendly enough place for travellers, with fey being a fairly common sight here. Outsiders are not treated with any particular animosity unless they are orc breed in which case they are treated from anything from distrust and dislike to outright violence, although the latter is unusual.
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