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Pembrose City

Pembrose City is a big city in the scale of the Wildlands. It is home to over 15,000 souls. The city is walled, in keeping with the Pembrosian attitude of strong defense and it is dominated by the large palace in the centre of the city. The city is technically a port, as ships are able to make their way up the Lakespill River to the great lake on which the city nestles. As such it has a thriving waterfront with all the usual accompaniments.
Pembrose city has no navy as such, but it does have a large armada of fishing boats which make up their own district of floating boats and wooden piers. There is also a deep water harbour where independent merchant ships can tie up. The road which leads south out of the city - a joint project with the Trader Council of Haven - has seen a thriving caravan park grow up on the outskirts of the city.   The city's prime religion is worship of the god Hex. As such this is a well educated and refined city - at least in the more upper class districts - and includes the largest temple to Hex in the Wildlands, plus a university where all manner of knowledge can be studied. The other 4 gods are all represented here in smaller temples, even Storm - who is worshipped by fishermen on the lake and sailing merchants visiting from afar.   Pembrose is a generally safe city, much like the rest of the state. The city is patrolled by the city guard who work for the royal family. They are generally fair and above bribery, but they are only human so there are bad and good men amoung them.   Elves are a common sight in Pembrose city, and they even have their own district; a light, bright and cheerful place full of flowers and trees and open spaces. This is also the location of the city's temple to Elenir which is open to all, although she is not well favoured by city folk on the whole.   The water front districts of the city are much the same as any such places. They are thriving, vibrant areas where all manner of substance and entertainment can be found. Nearby is the theatre district - the Pembrosian performing arts bands are renowned through all the Wildlands. People from all over the Wildlands come here to see some of their special performances.   General travel from the outer walled sections of the city into the inner ones is controlled but not particularly resticted. City guards man the gates and cast a suspicious eye over all passing through. Some may even be stopped, questioned and perhaps searched before being let beyond, but this is a rare occurance. As such the flow of people around the city is quite swift and easy.   The Pembrosians are generally a welcoming people and outsiders are treated with respect and fairness. They are perhaps treated slightly worse than the locals by officials in the city, but not by any great degree.   Prices in this city are about average and some of the most expensive items available in the whole of the Wildlands can be found here, including all manner of mystical and magical devices, if one knows where to look and has the money available. However there is also a thriving black market dealing in stolen artifacts of a mystical nature and only a fool wanders around splashing thousands of gold pieces about. The thieves guild watches all the finest establishments and has protection rights over most of them.   Pembrose city is large enough to have a thriving guild of thieves. The city guard knows they exist and tries to do all it can to supress them, but the king well knows that a guild of thieves is safer and more controllable than a bunch of lone wolves all operating without any restrictions. It is believed that the king has agreements about the amount of theft which he will tolerate before cracking down upon their activities.   The High Priest of the god Hex is the most experienced wizard in the Wildlands. His name is Zoeldat and he is a friendly enough person, but when he is messed around and his time is wasted, or if magic is spoken of without the necessary respect then he grows quickly angry and his anger is most powerful. The top priest of Storm here is not hugely influential in the Storm hierarchy as this is not a sea port. His name is Samsay and he is not very effectual. The temple of Mar, inside the Garrison, is run by Fytur, a willy warrior who favours the long and shortsword. The high priest of Cashel usually works in the Guildhall temple and his name is Taselm. He is a well respected member of society in Pembrose. Nienna is the elven high priestess of the temple of Elenir which is located in the elven neighbourhood. She is believed to be from Sylvandale originally. It is known that she reports to the high priest of Elenir who is based in Leafy End, in Lands End.
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