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The town of Shelech lies above a fertile valley in the central southern region of Hishan. The valley Shelech lies above is fertile but the grounds of the town itself are dusty and dry. The Great Desert sucks all the moisture out of the air here and leaves the whole place feeling like a parched dustbowl.
Shelech is the 3rd largest settlement in the newly independent Theocracy of Hishan and, like all the settlements in this land, is dominated by a huge temple to the sun god, Ra. The temple has a massive domed roof which is covered in what looks like gold, shining in the midday sun.   Some large manor houses sit up on a bluff to the east of the town, with spectacular views across the town and the fertile valley to the west and across the inhospitable Great Desert to the east, including the Trade Way that runs across the edge of the desert here and over to Artuat further east. The other two roads out of the town lead north to Kurtala and west, through the valley and on to Nukhayb.   The town itself is full of whitewashed stone buildings, mostly with flat roofs, squashed in together, all on top of one another. The whole place is almost two tone - white and sand coloured. A few souls laze around in the heat, grabbing shade where they can and things are mostly quiet. Occasionally the silence is broken by the barking of a dog and you pass the odd drinking establishment where people drink strange and exotic drinks and pull on large pipes of a curious construction and filled with who knows what. Most sit outside of these coffee houses and usually someone can be seen playing the local board game, Chakez. Generally the streets of Shelech are quiet and peaceful as it is too hot to get excited.   The market square is a real contrast to this, awash with colours with every merchant trying to outshine his rival. Silks and cottons abound, in every colour you can imagine. The smells of the bazarre are enough to make the mouth water and the noise is deafening as every salesman tries to be heard above his neighbour.   Robed women move slowly amoung the stalls, carefully selecting their weekly shopping, whilst young boys scamper about, some slipping hands into pockets of unsuspecting passersby.   Guards in ceremonial leather with highly polished bronze adornments stand around in small groups keeping a watchful eye.   And every so often a priest of Ra, in long flowing golden yellow robes, head shaved bald and with a crooked staff of white wood, strolls purposefully through the streets, people falling over themselves to get out of his way.
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