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  Nubia is a large flat arid country inhabitted by a largely backward and peaceful peoples. Nubians are dark of skin with black hair and large flat noses. They are strong and are renouned for their constitution. Sadly the Rodinians tore into Nubia with a force the local people were unprepared for and occupied the whole country within weeks of invasion. As is their practice the Rodinians left the current system of government in place, and appointed a regional governor to oversee the lands. They also raped the country for slave labour and as a result Nubians are commonly seen as slaves throughout the Rodinian empire.   The natives of Nubia practice a simple system of government whereby each village is responsible for its own rule. There are no towns or cities in Nubia as the people are too thinly spread to settle in such large numbers. In this day and age, Rodinian forts are as common a sight as the native villages. The plains of Nubia are home to huge herds of migrating herbivores and the natives typically build their villages close to normal migration paths to make hunting easy.   Nubia is famous for its pyramids, sphinxes, and gold.


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