The town of Foundry was an agricultural town in the central region of Semang. It was located on a fertile plain, which produced abundant crops and livestock. The town was known for its food and wine industries, supplying the kingdom with quality products and delicacies. The town was also a place of hospitality and entertainment, hosting various inns, taverns, and festivals.   Foundry was a cheerful and relaxed town, where the people enjoyed the simple pleasures of life. They had a strong sense of gratitude and generosity, sharing their bounty with their neighbors and guests. They were loyal to the king of Semang, and respected the traditions and customs of their land.   Foundry was relatively safe from Marlek's invasion, as it was far from the main battlefields. However, the town still felt the impact of the war, such as higher taxes, lower trade, and increased demand for soldiers. The town's people did their best to support the war effort, and to maintain their optimism and spirit. They prayed for the end of the war, and the restoration of peace and prosperity to their land.   Foundry was used as a staging post for the Rodinians when they liberated Semang, and a strong military presence remains.
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