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The capital city of Semang is called Sarana, meaning "the shining one" in the ancient language of the kingdom. It was built on a fertile plain, surrounded by majestic mountains and lush forests. The city was famous for its architecture, culture, and commerce. It had a grand palace, where the royal family and their court resided, a magnificent temple, where the priests and priestesses worshipped the gods and goddesses of Semang, and a bustling market, where merchants and traders from all over the world exchanged goods and services. The city was also home to many scholars, artists, and adventurers, who enriched the kingdom with their knowledge, creativity, and bravery.   Sarana was a beacon of light and hope for the people of Semang, until the dark day when Marlek attacked. The lich king's forces breached the city walls, and unleashed a wave of horror and death upon the inhabitants. The palace was sacked, the temple was desecrated, and the market was burned. Many people were killed, captured, or fled in terror. The city became a shadow of its former glory, a ruin haunted by the undead and the lich king's minions.   The emperor of Rodinia had a long-standing friendship with the king of Semang, and was outraged by Marlek's invasion. He vowed to help his ally, and sent his best legions to aid Semang in its time of need. The Rodinian legions marched across the land, fighting their way through the lich king's forces, and reached the outskirts of Sarana.   The Rodinian legions laid siege to the city, and launched a series of assaults on the walls. They faced fierce resistance from the undead and the dark magic, but they did not give up. They used their superior tactics, equipment, and morale to overcome the enemy. After a long and bloody battle, they finally broke through the defenses, and entered the city.   The Rodinian legions fought their way to the palace, where the lich king's lieutenant, a death knight, had his lair. They confronted the death knight¬†and his most loyal servants, and engaged in a final showdown. The death knight was a formidable foe, but he was outnumbered and outmatched by the Rodinian legions. They managed to slay him. With the death knight's death, his army collapsed, and his spell over the city was lifted.   The Rodinian legions liberated Sarana from the lich king's minions, and restored the rightful rule of the royal family of Semang. They were hailed as heroes by the people of Semang, and celebrated by the emperor of Rodinia. They had achieved a glorious victory, and earned a place in history.
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