The town of Lana was a small but prosperous settlement in the northern region of Semang. It was located near a large lake, which provided water, fish, and trade opportunities. The town was known for its textile industry, producing fine fabrics and garments from the wool of the local sheep. The town was also a center of learning, hosting a famous academy, where students from all over the kingdom came to study various subjects, such as history, literature, and magic.   Lana was a peaceful and friendly town, where the people lived in harmony with each other and with nature. They had a strong sense of community and culture, celebrating various festivals and traditions throughout the year. They were loyal to the king of Semang, and welcomed visitors from other lands.   Lana was spared from the worst of Marlek's invasion, as it was far from the front lines. However, the town still suffered from the effects of the war, such as food shortages, refugees, and raids. The town's people did their best to cope with the situation, and to support the resistance against the lich king. They hoped for the day when peace and freedom would return to their land.   Lana has thrived under the rulership and direction of the Rodinian occupation and the academy is beginning to welcome students from across the empire.
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