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The largest town of Dardania is called Larissa, meaning “the town of the forest” in their ancient language. It is located next to a large coniferous forest that covers the eastern part of the country. The town is a logging and trading outpost, supplying wood and other forest products to the rest of Dardania and beyond. The town is surrounded by a wooden palisade, built by the Dardanians to protect it from the wild animals and bandits that lurk in the forest. The palisade has two gates, one facing the forest and one facing the road that leads to the capital.   The town is divided into two parts: the inner town and the outer town. The inner town is where the Dardanian elite and the Rodinian overseers live. It has the most comfortable houses, shops, and public buildings. The inner town is also home to the Temple of the Light, where the Dardanians worship. The temple is a simple structure, with a wooden roof, a stone altar, and a sacred grove.   The outer town is where the Dardanian workers and the Rodinian immigrants live. It has more modest houses, markets, taverns, and workshops. The outer town is also home to the market, where the Dardanians trade their goods with the Rodinians and other peoples. The market is a lively and crowded place, where different cultures and products can be found.   The largest town of Dardania is a prosperous and diverse place, where different peoples and religions coexist, sometimes peacefully, sometimes not. It is a center of logging, trade, and culture, both for the country and the region. It is also a town of contrasts, where the high and the low, the native and the foreign, the loyal and the rebellious, clash and mingle. It is a town that reflects the history and the destiny of Dardania.
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