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The third largest city of Dardania is called Nerona, meaning “the city of the forest” in their ancient language. It is located on the edge of the forest that separates Dardania from Rodinia, the empire that conquered them. The city is a major trade hub, connecting Dardania with the rest of the Rodinian world. The city is dominated by a large citadel, where the Rodinian governor and his troops reside. The citadel is a formidable fortress, built by the Rodinians after their invasion, to protect the city from attacks and rebellions.   The city is divided into two parts: the upper town and the lower town. The upper town is where the Rodinian elite and the Dardanian collaborators live. It has the most luxurious houses, temples, and public buildings. The upper town is also home to the Temple of the Sun, where the Rodinians worship their main god. The temple is a splendid structure, with a marble facade, a large statue, and a pool of water.   The lower town is where the Dardanian majority and the Rodinian immigrants live. It has more humble houses, markets, taverns, and docks. The lower town is also home to the Market of the Woods, where the Dardanians trade their goods with the Rodinians and other peoples. The market is a busy and noisy place, where different cultures and products can be found.   The third largest city of Dardania is a prosperous and diverse place, where different peoples and religions coexist, sometimes peacefully, sometimes not. It is a center of commerce, culture, and politics, both for the country and the region. It is also a city of contrasts, where the high and the low, the native and the foreign, the loyal and the rebellious, clash and mingle. It is a city that reflects the history and the destiny of Dardania.   However, not all is well in Nerona. The Rodinian rule is harsh and oppressive, imposing heavy taxes, restrictions, and punishments on the Dardanians. The Dardanians are resentful and angry, longing for their freedom and independence. Some of them have joined a secret organization, called the Forest Rebels, who plot to overthrow the Rodinian governor and liberate the city. The Forest Rebels use various symbols of rebellion, such as the flaming arrow, to express their dissent and resistance. The Forest Rebels are planning a massive uprising, hoping to ignite a spark that will spread throughout Dardania and end the Rodinian domination.
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