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Weissland is the furthest from the base of the Rodinian empire. It is a buffer to the fierce warrior lands of the Kilts. Weissland was a tribal land of loose knit groups. Weissland is the name given to the country by the Rodinians, as this land is frequently blanketed by snow.
Before the Rodinians, Weissland was populated by a decentralised tribal people who lived in small villages and dispersed farms. They had no towns. Many Weisslanders were peasant farmers whose labour supported a small warrior elite. The most important institution was the comitatus, the chieftan's personal retinue of household warriors who formed the core of the tribes army in wartime. Small scale warfare and cattle raiding were endemic. Chiefs and warriors alike needed war as an arena in which to win status and wealth.   Since the conquering of Weissland by the Rodinian empire, the chieftans have been replaced by Rodinian-friendly chieftans, and the Rodinians have lead punitive raids against any trouble makers. Many Weisslanders serve as mercenaries in the Rodinian army.   Long occupation by the Rodinian empire has actually caused Weissland to become more centralised and has lead to the building of towns and even the city of Augsberg.   Recently the Rodinians have begun the construction of a massive wall in the mountains to keep the Kilts out.
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