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Another town in Tana Toradja is Sa’dan, which is located in the southern part of the country, near the border with Nung. Sa’dan is a historical and cultural town that is known for its traditional weaving industry. The town has a population of about 20,000 people and is a major producer and exporter of Toraja textiles, such as ikat, songket, and ulos.   Some of the features and attractions of Sa’dan are:   The Sa’dan Weaving Center, which is a place where visitors can learn about the Toraja’s weaving techniques and motifs, as well as buy or order various kinds of Toraja fabrics. The center also has a museum that displays the history and development of Toraja weaving, as well as some rare and antique textiles.   The Sa’dan River, which is a scenic and refreshing river that flows through the town. The river is a source of water and livelihood for the Toraja, as well as a place for recreation and relaxation. Visitors can enjoy swimming, rafting, fishing, or picnicking along the river banks.   The Sa’dan Market, which is a vibrant and colorful place where the Toraja sell and buy their goods and products, such as textiles, pottery, spices, fruits, vegetables, and livestock. The market is also a social hub where the Toraja meet and interact with each other and with visitors.   The Sa’dan Festival, which is an annual event that celebrates the Toraja’s weaving culture and traditions. The festival features various activities and performances, such as weaving competitions, fashion shows, dances, music, games, and contests. The festival also showcases the Toraja’s diversity and creativity in producing various kinds of textiles.   Sa’dan is a town that preserves and promotes the Toraja’s weaving heritage and industry. It is a town that attracts many Rodinian visitors who want to appreciate the Toraja’s artistic and cultural expressions.
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