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The capital city of Tana Toradja is Makale, which is located in the central region of the country. Makale is a historical and cultural center of the Toraja people, and has many attractions and landmarks that reflect their heritage. Some of these include:   The Royal Palace of Makale, which was the residence of the last king of Tana Toradja before the imperial invasion. The palace is a large and ornate wooden structure that showcases the Toraja’s craftsmanship and architecture. It is now a museum that displays the royal artifacts and relics.   The Stone Monuments of Makale, which are a series of megalithic sculptures that depict the Toraja’s myths and legends. The monuments are carved from volcanic rock and are scattered around the city. They are considered sacred by the Toraja and are often used for rituals and ceremonies.   The Makale Market, which is a bustling and colorful place where the Toraja trade and sell their goods and products. The market offers a variety of items, such as textiles, pottery, spices, fruits, vegetables, and livestock. The market is also a social hub where the Toraja meet and interact with each other and with visitors.   The Makale Festival, which is an annual event that celebrates the Toraja’s culture and traditions. The festival features various activities and performances, such as dances, music, games, contests, and parades. The highlight of the festival is the Rambu Solo, which is a grand funeral ceremony that honors the dead and sends them to the afterlife. The Rambu Solo involves dressing up the corpses, slaughtering buffaloes, and burying the dead in the cliff-side tombs or wooden houses.   Makale is a city that preserves and showcases the Toraja’s rich and unique culture, while also adapting to the modern and changing world. It is a city that attracts many tourists and visitors who want to learn more about the Toraja and their way of life.
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