The Elamites are an ancient people who have long inhabited the region between the Honshu mountains and the vast Rodinian plains. An early city state civilization had evolved here when Rodinia was still in its infancy.
The early Elamite kings were frequently at war with the surrounding nations and several centuries ago the Elamites briefly created an extensive empire which was almost as big as the current Rodinian empire.   In more recent times, they were frequently overwhelmed by their more powerful neighbours, however the Elamites tend to exploit divisions between the Rodinian and the Honshu empires but were finally crushed by the former and much of their aristocracy was executed.   Following the disintergration of the Elam power, the Elamites were incorporated into the Rodinian empire, and Susa, the capital, became one of the empires major cities.   Many Elamites subsequently served in the celebrated Rodinian royal bodyguard.   The various city states of Elam recognise one Overlord who rules from Susa. Alongside him there is also a viceroy (the heir presumptive and the Overlord's brother), and another ruler, the Prince of Susa (the Overlords son). Only when all of the Overlord's brothers are dead can the son succeed. Elamite law also demands that an Overlord's widow marry his oldest surviving brother (thus usually his heir), so this system is extremely effective, allowing the Elamite state a degree of political stability not shared by its contempories in the Rodinian empire.
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