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Dragon's Perch

  Dragon's Perch is a towering volcano, now believed to be extinct. It has many tunnels wandering around its base, some said to lead to the dwarven realm of Khazagrim. Three quarters of the way up the volcano is a vent which has formed a ledge, upon which the great dragon used to sit and watch the world far below. From this ledge was the mountain named.


  The ancient dragon who men called Blaze lived in the Jagged Peaks inside the volcano called Dragon’s Perch for centuries. He was known to be one of the few threats to the men and fey of the lands now called Albion, long before even The Demon Prince came.  


Recently, during the Chaos Wars, the Fellowship of Pelor found their way into the Dragon's Perch and fought and killed Ashardalon. Or at least it turned out the fabled Ashardalon the Great had died of old age some time past and all that was left was his son, but even the son of an ancient great red wyrm was a great foe to be reckoned with.   In 2006 the Albioners made their way to Dragon's Perch and were able to give the spirit of Ashardalon the Great final rest.  

News and Rumour

  • A new giant skull can been seen on Dragon's Perch.
  • Dwarves are rumoured to be moving into the depths of this volcano.
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