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Mount Macarack Abbey

  The Abbey of Mount Macarack is located in the eastern edges of the Jagged Peaks, some three days walk from the nearest stronghold of Castle Fortuna. It is a huge stone fortress, guarded by a company of Knights of the Order of the Sun, and serves as one of their prime chapter houses. Abbot Kieran oversees the running of the abbey and the Paladin Dame Roseate is the head of the company of knights who guard it. It is also home to the famous Library of Macarack, popularly believed to be the biggest library in the whole Kingdom.
The Abbey of Mount Macarack sits atop a high peak of the same name. It is built like a huge castle of rock, straight up from the mountainside. The standard of the Knights of the Sun flies under the holy standard of the Light from the flagpole. In the courtyard is the famous Tree of Health. It is said that while that holy oak remains standing the clerics of the Sun in the Kingdom will retain the ability to cure their brethren, but if that tree ever dies, that skill will be lost to them.   The top floor holds the only guest suite available. It is cold and damp but, when fires are lit and hot water is made available, it can be fairly homely. It gets comfortable enough when it heats up and it is certainly better than sleeping in the cold snow outside. Palettes are available for sleeping on. The general feeling one gets from this place is one of practicality, certainly not luxury. All the inhabitants of the abbey sleep in simple cells with no luxury at all.   The abbey is staffed primarily by the Monks of the Order of the Book. There are a dozen such clerics in attendance. On top of these, there are twelve servants and associated staff who work in the abbey, cleaning, cooking and doing general chores. Finally, there is a small company of sixteen Knights of the Sun who call the abbey home. This means about forty people in total live here. The library at Mount Macarack is the largest one known in the lands. It is open to the public but rare indeed is it that anyone just comes for a read. Most of the population can’t read in fact. This place is a wealth of knowledge.  


Mount Macarack was here long before the Knights of the Sun were formed. It served as the personal castle to Eldred, the first king of the lands back in the first year of the common calendar, and before that belonged to a warlord, called Macarack who had it built. It has never fallen to enemy attack.  


In the Chaos Wars Mount Macarack almost did fall to the hordes of the Jagged Peaks when they united, orc and man, under the banner of the Demon Prince. The castle came under attack at the same time as the Fellowship of the Sun were there, and with their help and the eventual assistance of the Tree of Life itself, which seemed to come to life and fight the barbarians and orcs, the horde's attack was thwarted.   Since the end of the Chaos Wars, the monks of the Order of the Book who are located here have been busy recording the history of that time and the time since then.


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