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Abbot Kieran

Now Abbot of the Order of the Book at Mount Macarack, he was in charge of the running of theThe Old Church at Ashtar after the Chaos Wars.


Abbot Kieran is a devout worshipper of Pelor. He was only a minor member of the Order of the Book when he was sent to Ashtar with the mission of attempting to restore the ruined church, which was taken over by orc bandits. He succeeded with the Fellowship of Pelor's help.  


The Old Church of Ashtar was cleared out by the Fellowship of Pelor and Brother Kieran was put in charge.   Brother Kieran was promoted to Abbot of Mount Macarack in 2006 by the cardinal, after Abbot Morgain finally retired.  

News and Rumour

It is said that Abbot Kieran is the most powerful Abbot the Order has ever known.
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