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The most common race on the planet, humans are a fluke.  Sometime in the past eons the most unlikely thing happened.  There was a union of a Fey and an Orc. This resulted in a race which is balanced between The Light and The Darkness, and between earth and air.   Humans are voracious. Much shorter lived than their cousins, the Fey and the Dwarves, they live life to the full, devouring all opportunities that present themselves. They are curious, warlike, reserved, explosive, peaceful, playful, serious, introverted, aggressive, violent, kind, considerate, extroverted and most of all, unpredictable.   They have expanded across all of the Known World and are to be found, thriving, in pretty much any place where they have explored. They get on fairly well with the Fey and the Dwarves, but both the older races consider the humans to be young upstarts. They make war with the orcs and goblins of the deep places of the world.   They can turn their hands to most anything they try and their cultures are wide and varied across the lands. They can access the Void almost as easily as the Fey. The drink ale and wines with as much relish as the dwarves. They work metal and stone, though not as well as their dwarven earth-cousins.   They are everywhere and now is their time.
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