Dwarf Species in Rodinia | World Anvil


Dwarves are a creation of the Light and the element of earth. They were created around the same time as the Fey. Though both races are children of Light and fundamentally good, they are also formed from different elements and as such always in conflict.   The dwarves are a sturdy folk. They stand about four feet tall, and are usually broad and stocky. The favour beards, and it is considered a measure of their status as to how long they can grow these and how many braids and beads they can knot into them.   In combat dwarves favour unsubtle weapons like the axe or hammer.  Though some wield swords, these are the exception rather than the rule.  They tend to wear heavy armour, carved with runes of power, and fight in tight-knit groups.   Dwarves have a love for ale and mead but, like all things, prefer their pleasures simple and earthy.  They excel as craftsmen, having a particular knack for working metals and earth; the things which their myths say they are made of.