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Creatures of The Light and the element of air, the Fey were the first beings to walk the world. They have been on it for many thousands of years, and they live an extraordinary long time, which gives them a very different outlook on life to many.   The Fey are tall and slim, typically standing over six, sometimes as tall as seven feet in height. They frequently weigh less than 140 lbs, though they are not necessarily slim. Their body density appears to be less than a typical human. This does not mean that they are weak, however - far from it.   Though they once lived in many of the hospitable and arable lands of Rodinia, with the coming of Humanity many thousands of years ago the peaceful and long-lived Fey have retreated into the deeper and less hospitable places of the world. They have a tendency to inhabit deep forests and leafy glens, and their magical touch effects the places they inhabit turning them into beautiful yet wild sylvan paradises.   They Fey are agile and quick and can blend instantly with their surroundings, making them seem to be able to disappear at will. They favour green and brown clothing only because these is the colours of their typical dwelling places. The Fey are experts with bow and blade, favouring long, slim fencing weapons which compliments their great dexterity and agility.   The Fey are naturally connected to the Void and find it easy to open portals into that far-realm. As such they have many magi and priests in their numbers and in fact, most Fey are able to summon some degree of Void-touched arcane energy to do their bidding.
Genetic Descendants