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The Light

The Light is the ultimate power for good in the cosmos. The opposite and antithesis of the Darkness, the Light is a less prevalent, yet equally powerful force. Considered the only true deity of good, the Light is often worshipped throughout Rodinia under different names and guises. The sun god of Albion and Ra of Khemit are two obvious examples. The Light shines high in the heavens at night, small points of good in a dark sky, though it is clearly overmatched at this time - the time when Darkness prevails. Day is the time of the Light, where the sun typically shines its goodness and warmth on all of Rodinia.   The Light is the force upon which the holy call to bring justice and healing into the world. It is what drives all manner of good deeds and personal sacrifice. Those that worship it believe that one day the Light will overcome Darkness and they struggle nobly on with that goal in mind.   Typically the worshippers of the Darkness are many but weak. The followers of the Light are few, but they pride themselves on their strength and know that wherever it shines the Light can push back the Darkness.

Divine Domains

Everything good, positive and light.
Divine Classification