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Council of Regents

The Council of Regents is made up of the seven ruling daimyo who control the seven provinces of Honshu. Their role is to advise the current emperor and, of course, to implement his edicts and commands across the empire.   The leader of the Council is given the title Shogun or Warchief and has the responsibility to lead the armies of the empire in the emperor's name.   In reality, the current emperor, Emperor Enoeda, is a powerful figure and does not consult with or listen to his council as much as his predecessor, Emperor Toki Saza did. Indeed, Emperor Enoeda has still not named any of the daimyo to the title of Shogun and technically this means he currently holds both roles. This is unprecedented in the history of the empire, but it goes to show the ultimate power the current emperor wields.


Since coming to power as Emperor of Honshu over twenty years ago, the current ruler of the empire has failed to name a new Shogun, thus currently holding both positions - an unprecedented situation.   The Ogre clan are the closest to the Shogun as their leader, Lord Enoeda Baisho, is the emperor's brother and ally. The Phantom clan are believed to be very close allies to the emperor too. He supposedly uses many Ghostwalkers to protect the Imperial Palace, though of course such a thing is officially denied. The Sphinx clan have been close supporters of Enoeda since he took power, and it's rumoured their magic may have been involved in the young emperor's death. But a new daimyo has taken control of the Sphynx clan recently and his actions have led some to believe that support may be waning.   The Kirin Province is so distant from both Ido City and the politics of the lands that they must be considered to be totally neutral in any political analysis. The Gryphon clan is also currently appearing to political observers to be carefully balancing their position. They are one of the most honourable of the clans and the new Emperor's actions in taking control are beginning to be questioned. If those actions could be shown as dishonourable then the powerful Gryphon clan might begin to oppose the emperor.   Directly in opposition to the emperor are the Naga and Dragon clans. The Naga clan see things in black and white and the rumoured assassination of the child emperor less than two years after swearing fealty to him, by the regent who should have been protecting him, is seen as a clear act of dishonour.   The Dragon clan are the ancestral clan of emperors Toki Saza and his son Toki Katsu. Clearly, they and Lord Tagashi Goku, their daimyo, are deeply angry about the current position. They have also had over twenty years to plot their revenge.