The mythical assassins of the Phantom Province of Honshu.
The Phantom clan of Honshu has long been associated with assassins and spies. However this association has always been loudly and forcefully refuted by the clan themselves. But then again what clan would openly admit to frequent and heavy utilization of spies and assassins as part of their usual day to day affairs? The Ghostwalkers of the Phantom clan are mere rumors of course but were those rumors found to be true then it would be found that scattered across the southern mountains of the Phantom Province are many small ryu or schools. These ryu teach the art of Ghostwalking. Their students are taught simple skills at first, how to move stealthily and how to open locks and bolts fashioned inside Honshu and further afield. They are taught techniques of how to spot hidden enemies and to notice things which others less observant might miss. They are taught how to climb, with and without the assistance of specialized equipment. They are taught balance, poise, control and relaxation techniques. And they are taught to fight.   Their fighting techniques vary greatly. They are shown how to use a great variety of weapons and how to be effective when unarmed - for their missions will often require them to disguise themselves and all manner of different ways - so one day they might appear to be a daimyo's guard and be expected to wield a sword, another day they might be a farm laborer and be expected to wield a sickle. And importantly there is no Ghostwalker martial art style to speak of - so any observer would never be able to see a Ghostwalker fight and recognize his training from the way he fights. The Ghostwalkers don't exist - so how could they have a single martial style which would give their existence away?   Ghostwalkers finish their initial training as competent spies and assassins. At this stage they are usually sent out into various positions through the Phantom Province, given to the various daimyos of the region to use as they see fit. Their position is one outside of the usual honor system because they don't exist. The daimyos use them for their own ends - doing all the things they have been trained extensively to do.   When out on their missions Ghostwalkers wear the traditional garb for which they have become famous - they dress head to toe in comfortable loose fitting clothes which cover every inch of their bodies apart from their eyes. Traditionally this garb is black - but clearly it depends on the mission that the Ghostwalkers are under taking as to what colour this garb is at any given time. Ghostwalkers on a mission in the ice bound tops of the Dragon Province mountains might wear all white suits. Those in the jungles of the Phoenix clan might wear green camouflage. But there is no denying that occasionally warriors clan in this fashion are killed. But when they are, they have nothing at all to identify them as belonging to any clan or organization. And none that have ever been caught have ever confessed - even under the greatest torture. Thus the Ghostwalkers remain a legend, a mystery and a deniable part of the Phantom Daimyo's arsenal.   Experienced Ghostwalkers sometimes return to the Phantom lands to be given their final training. The Ghostwalker masters teach them the ability to become like ghosts - the skills from which the Ghostwalkers get their name. With mystical powers augmenting their already legendary dexterity and athleticism, the Ghostwalkers learn the art of invisibility. With this knowledge they are able to scout out places without fear of being seen. They are able to get into the private bedrooms of kings and lords to listen in on important conversations or to remove people considered enemies of the Phantom clan. At this stage the Ghostwalkers really come into their own - and from these few individuals the legend of the Ghostwalker name was made.   Of course that would all be true if Ghostwalkers were not just mythical people merely rumored to exist. But these are all just rumors and myth. These Ghostwalkers don't actually exist, the Phantoms will tell you...
Guild, Assassins
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