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Gryphon Province

Gryphon Province cover
  The Gryphon Clan is known as a very aggressive and honour-driven clan. They consider themselves agents of the Emperor's will, personally defending his causes above all else, even those of their own clan.   Some of the finest generals of all Honshu have come from the Gryphon clan. The Gryphon Clan also has the biggest army in the empire, and it's known for its rigid adherence to the warrior code.   Rumour has it that the Gryphon clan has started to plan for an invasion of the mysterious fey-realm of Hawkmoon, but it is also said this is a distraction and that their real target is across the Jagged Peaks - the Kingdom of Albion.   The Gryphon clan wear blue lacquered armour and their standard is a white gryphon in flight on an azure background. The Gryphon Province includes the huge jungles that dominate the centre of the empire. These are perhaps the most untamed area of the whole of Honshu.


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