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Nishiyama Ryokan

  Nishiyama Ryokan is a hot spring inn in the Dragon Province, Honshu. Founded in 550 AR by Fujiwara Mahito, it is a long-established business and is known as the oldest inn in the empire.   Not the most expensive ryokan in the empire this place is comfortable, clean and neat.  But its main draw for many of the clientele who frequent it is the absolute discretion of the staff and management.   This establishment offers a stable for horses and can accommodate up to about thirty clients. The ubiquitous shoji screens allow infinite configurations and room sizes. There is typically a large communal dining area in the southeast corner of the building. The southwest sput houses hot baths which are fed by the hot springs which burst from the ground here. Next to those are massage rooms.   The current owner of the inn is a long term descendent of the founder, over a hundred years ago.


  • Nishiyama Ryokan
  • Nishiyama at Night
Founding Date
550 AR
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners


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