The Darkness

The Darkness fills most of the space known as the Cosmos. It arrived mere moments before Light, having spilled from the Void and into the Cosmos first. As such scholars claim that there is more force for Darkness and evil in the Cosmos than there is Light. Certainly in these uncertain times that seems like a reasonable assumption. Darkness breeds evil; it begets malice; it fosters greed and vile deeds. Darkness corrupts and sows discord; it causes confusion and decay. Nothing good ever comes from the Darkness and all evil flows from it.   Darkness is worshipped in the Known World in many forms. Creatures too weak to refute the temptations and easy power it promises fall under its sway. Some creatures were formed from the Darkness itself - orcs, goblins and giants of course, plus the mighty and ancient dragons. Others are tempted by its promises. Humans are easily tempted by the strength it promises and their natures and creatures of shadow mean they are both easily bent by its will and also powerful wielders of its unholy power. Darkness is given many names across the Known World. In some cultures it is simply called the Darkness. In others it is personified into the form of a god.   The Darkness is served by powerful creatures of chaos known as demons. These creatures are beings of ultimate evil themselves, being perhaps small manifestations of the Darkness' essence. The most well-known of these servants is the Demon Prince.

Divine Domains

Darkness, destruction, disease and everything evil.
Divine Classification