The Demon Prince

A Demon Prince of the Void, worshipped across much of the World of Rodinia by various cults and evil churches.


The Demon Prince is an unknown power. He is known to be a demon from the depths of hell, and from his title, perhaps a Prince of Demons. Scholars have always argued about his full and true identity. All that is known for certain is that his power when he walked the lands of Albion has never been rivalled so great and terrible was it.  


In the year 1002, as the men of the land counted, a great blight fell over what is now Albion. Unknown to the men and fey of the land, he had come. The Demon Prince, the Lord of All Evil walked the lands.   The toll he took on the land is uncountable, but finally the men of the plains and the fey of the woods fought together against the Demon Prince and his hordes. In this epic battle, fought on the longest day of that same year, the great city of Sylvandale was laid to waste by the hordes of the Demon Prince.   Many men and fey gave their lives in that fight, but with the help of the great wizard Titus, the Demon Prince was banished, his evil threat removed from the world for a thousand years.  


In the years building up to thousand year anniversary of his banishment, and the time he could return to the lands, the Demon Prince sent his two most trusted lieutenants to Albion to set his plan in motion.   The Scarlet Lord, the Demon Prince's first lieutenant, took up residence below the city of Littlebrook and began to influence and infest with his evil diseases the denziens of the deep beneath the capital city.   Meanwhile, Arrtenach, the Demon Prince's first lieutenant, was sent to the city of Littlebrook itself. He killed the then king, Richard II, and took his place on the throne, using magic to disguise himself as the king. From this position of power he was able to soften up the kingdom ready for the Demon Prince's return.   The Fellowship of Pelor, put together by the mysterious Myrddin, thwarted the Demon Prince's plans, banished or killed his servants Arrtenach and the Scarlet Lord, recovered the Book of Vitiris and used it to banish the Demon Prince for a further thousand years.   In 2005 a group of fellows from Waymeet discovered and stopped a plot by the Demon Prince's minion, Korashaag, to ope a planar gate to the Abyss and unleash a horde of demons upon Albion. The gate was located somewhere deep in the Jagged Peaks.  

News and Rumour

It is believed that worshippers of the Demon Prince are already stirring on the fringes of Albion.
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