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The ancient dragon who men called Blaze lived in the Jagged Peaks inside the volcano called Dragon’s Perch for centuries. He was known to be one of the few threats to the men and fey of the lands now called Albion, long before even the Demon Prince came.
Ashardalon is attributed with the levelling of the ancient city of Baras, on the site where Littlebrook now stands. It is unlikely that was the dragon, however, as Baras was razed at the same time as most of the other ancient cities of the once prosperous kingdom of Albion - during the spring and early summer of 998 CY, during the Reign of Terror.   After the great wizard Titus destroyed the Demon Prince in the Battle of the Bloodwood, a small cult is believed to have grown up who credited the Dragon with the destruction of the Dark Lord. However this cult was mainly an isolated group of elves, split off from the rest of their nation and little else is known about them.   The Dragon is also attributed the death of the ancient Hero Callindrill who it is said was buried in a secret grave somewhere in the Barren Wastes. The proof of this tale is hard to find, but it is possible as the two were certainly active in the 6th century.   Ashardalon the Great was last seen in the 18th century when he was beaten back by a united force of men and dwarves around the entrances to the stronghold of Khazagrim.  


Recently, during the Chaos Wars, the Fellowship of Pelor found their way into the Dragon's Perch and fought and killed Ashardalon. Or at least it turned out the fabled Ashardalon the Great had died of old age some time past and all that was left was his son, but even the son of an ancient great red wyrm was a great foe to be reckoned with.  

News and Rumour

It is said that much of Ashardalon's wealth still lies in the Dragon's Perch.
Current Location
657 BR 657 AR 1314 years old
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