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    Kiltland is a cold and savage place of vast pine forests. Winter here is brutal and the people here even more so. The Rodnians have yet to conquer the Kilts, and it seems unlikely that they ever will for this race are fierce, barbaric and even more warlike than the Rodinians themselves. Only their lack of organization causes them to be little threat to their neighbors.


Little is known about the Kilts' religious practices but they are known to practice human sacrifice. They are best known for their enigmatic sculpted symbol stones. The meaning of the symbols, which include a variety of animals, objects and abstract patterns, are unknown but they are not believed to be religious. The Kilts are divided into several small chiefdoms but there is some indication that Fortriu, a powerful king from the center of the chiefdoms, is making great progress towards uniting the tribes. If he succeeds, Kiltland could become a major threat to the edge of the Rodinian empire. To that end Rodinia has started to build a huge wall to defend Weissland from the Kilts.   Their warrior elite are violent and undisciplined, passionate, proud, hot tempered and given to drunkenness, boasting and headhunting. They fight naked and show reckless courage in the charge. The women are also fierce, proud and independent.


The lands north of the mountains are exposed to the Great Northern Ocean and are cut off from warming southern breezes, leading to a location that is cold and unforgiving.  Winters are harsh and long considering this is a mainland country.   Summer is short and often wet.


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