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Maya is a huge sprawling inhospitable jungle. The local people are quite primitive compared to the rest of the world. It is believed they are cannibalistic and worship strange gods. They are a water based culture, using kayaks made of hollowed out trees to navigate the waterways of the jungle lands they call home.


The Mayans are tribal, building their houses on stilts. Every clan has its own spirit center, based on a body of water, where their spirit children are believed to reside until they are sent into a woman's body to be born. The Mayans favor blow pipes and axes for hunting. They have a strong belief in witchcraft and are afraid to let blood fall for fear that it will cause illness. Additionally it is a constant effort for them to appease or deceive malevolent spirits who are so dangerous that no one may enter the jungle alone. Likewise they are careful to make offerings to ancestors lest their ghosts become angered. Accusations of sorcery are a common cause of dispute between groups.   Men and women live separate lives and males spend up to two years outside the normal community undergoing initiation into adulthood and constructing elaborate ceremonial headdresses, decorated with bird of paradise feathers that mark their new status.


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