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  Athena is a large country comprising a large area in the south east of the main continent of Rodinia, plus large numbers of islands off the coast of the mainland. The islands of Ethion and Aquadis are the two largest of the member isles.


The Athenians are probably the greatest sea faring nation in the entirety of Rodinia. They are probably the cultural leaders of the world, having many philosophers, architects, sculptors and writers among their population. Their art is second to none and is the most sort after by knowledgeable collectors across the world.   Athena is a land which, unusually in Rodinia, is a democracy, with the government elected by the people. The main government is known as the Council, and votes are taken in a huge gathering known as the Assembly.   The navy and army are paid well and it is considered an honor to fight for the country, meaning the country is well defended.   The Athenians are considered allies by Rodinia, which allows the Athenians to flourish without threat from the superpower. To this end there are two major trade routes between Rodinia and Athena, which pass through Nargastan. These trade routes are constantly under threat from the Nargastanis.


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