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  Olympia is the capital city of Athena and possibly the most culturally advanced place on the planet. The base for many of the world's greatest artists, sculptors, poets and musicians, this city is also home to some of the most intelligent and educated scientists. If there was a power base for cultural refinement in Rodinia, this would be it.


As with most of Athena, the vast majority of the population is human, with a very small number of non-humans in residence.    Most of the people living here are Athenian, but the Poor District has a fairly large proportion of refugees from neighbouring Nargastan.   Generally, the further east you go the wealthier the people.  The western district is where most of the poor live, and the rich nobility live on top of the hill at the far east end of the city.   There are more artists and artisans in Olympia than any other settlement in The Known World, meaning this city is a cultural hub and focus.


The government of Olympia is a complex and intricate system that reflects its rich cultural heritage and maritime prowess. At the helm is the Archon, a leader elected by the citizens for their wisdom and experience in both civic and military matters. The Archon presides over the Senate, a council of esteemed individuals representing the various facets of Olympian society, from the arts to commerce.   Below the Senate, the Assembly serves as the voice of the people, where every citizen has the right to speak and vote on matters of public policy. This democratic institution ensures that the will of the populace is heard and considered in all governmental decisions.   The Magistrates, appointed officials, are responsible for the day-to-day administration of the city, overseeing everything from trade regulations to public festivals. They work closely with the Harbor Master, who commands the naval forces and ensures the security of Olympia’s waters.   Justice is administered by the Dikasteria, courts presided over by a panel of citizens chosen by lot. These courts uphold the laws set forth by the Assembly and interpret them in the spirit of fairness and equity.   In Olympia, the intertwining of governance and culture is evident in the patronage of the arts and the celebration of civic achievements. The government not only administers but also embodies the values of the city, fostering a society where art, culture, and seamanship are the cornerstones of civic pride and identity.


The eastern city (everything east of the river) is walled, and the hill is steep with rugged cliffs, meaning most of the city is well defended. The Poor District has no walls and is on the same side of the river as Nargastan - some would argue is technically inside Nargastan - meaning it's not well defended at all.  Likewise the sprawling district of Shadow Town has grown up outside the walls and is totally open to attack.  That said, an attacking force would need to be on the Athenian side of the river to strike Shadow Town.


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