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Wetland City State

Wetland is unusual in that it is a satelite state of the Domain of Hawkmoon in the north. The current government is basically the military, whose upper branches are populated with elven commanders from Hawkmoon. This makes the state very unpopular with all the rest of the states as it is believed that the Domain of Hawkmoon are trying to expand southwards. Although it is a militocracy it has so far shown no great inclination to expand its borders, however it is said that its military might is growing, as is its threat.
Wetland exports arms. It is the greatest producer of weapons and armour in the city states. It is not known for sure but rumour has it that the military employ dwarven smiths who are magically bound by their elven captors to craft these weapons.   Although there is constant raiding of the Wetland borders by Dominion forces, there is a strong trade link there too. Strangely Wetland seems happy to trade arms to the very forces who are raiding them, in exchange for the minerals necessary to supply their trade.   There are no clear trails through the Wetland Marshes and as such the only sensible way to approach the city of Wetland is by river, either upriver from the sea or down river through the marshes. To that end the city is well defended from attack.
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