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Pinewood is the original home to the wayward pines. It is thought that many thousands of years ago the fey used this forest as a nursery to develop the wayward pine and then transported and planted them all across their domain. Now, Pinewood still has many wayward pines in it - probably more than anywhere else in the Wildlands.
Pinewood is at least half in the Domain of Hawkmoon and it is also inhabited with elves. There are many more here than in the forest of Murkwood and it would be extremely difficult to try and use this forest as a crossing point into Hawkmoon unnoticed.   Pinewood is said to be the home to a gigantic unicorn who aids the fey in protecting the wood and keeping it free from orcs and the like. Whether this rumour is true or not is very difficult to confirm.   The town of Elfhome is situated right on the southern edge of the Pinewood and is effectively part of the forest itself.
Forest, Boreal (Coniferous)
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