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The town of Elfhome is an almost entirely elven settlement and forms part of the southern edge of the Pinewood. It is a traditional elven town, built entirely into the trees with wooden platforms running from tree to tree.
Elfhome was chosen because of the collection of hollow pines which grow there. Hollow pines are a form of giant pine tree which have hollow trunks. The fey build inside these trees to make their dwellings and important buildings. In the case of Elfhome, there is a rough ring of eleven hollow trees forming a sort of perimeter. The fey have linked these trees with a series of suspended wooden walkways. Along these walkways, normal houses and shops have been constructed of wood. The eleven outer hollow pines hold various important buildings, including an inn. Inside this outer circle is an inner area of six similar trees which also have their insides used for important purposes. There is a huge hollow pine tree in the centre of the town and this tree serves as the main meeting place of the town and seat of the fey town's government.   The only buildings on the ground are the smithies where weapons, armour and more mundane items are forged, and the temple of Elenir.   It is unlikely that visitors would be welcome to Elfhome, although it is possible that with the right guide, or under special circumstances a traveller could be allowed to see this wonderful example of a traditional elven tree top town.
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