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Wetland City

The city of Wetland is a fairly small, walled city of just 17,800 people, built on the river which runs through the middle of the Wetland Marshes. The area to the north of the river is the more upper class section, with the civic offices of the General being located there and the more wealthy residences. There is also a large district for shopping, including a selection of professional experts. South of the city includes the waterfront district and the warehouses, plus a theatre district, and many shops and apartments of the less wealthy.
The city is generally long and thin, built along the firmer banks of the river itself. Each area of the city, north and south of the river, has a gate at each end. These gates are hardly ever used though as very little traffic ever comes into the city on foot. Most come down or up river on ships and boats. Some of the hunters who go into the marshes on foot to trap game use the city gates. Two stone bridges, high arches, cross the river from north to south. They are manned by the army who pay a bridge toll for people crossing. Those going from south to north must either look like they belong in the northern section or must have a very good reason to be going there. The bridges are high enough to let full sailing ships under them.   The army control this city and they are constantly on patrol around its streets. Its a fairly safe place to travel to on the whole - as long as you keep your nose clean the people here are generally quite friendly and respectful. Some parts down by the docks are a little rough, just like most cities, but steer clear of the dodgy looking areas and you should steer clear of problems.   Wetland city has a large temple of Elenir on its northern banks and this is highly important to the people here who are quite concerned with the powers of nature. There is also a temple of Mar in the Garrison area which is open to the public.   Although Wetland city is predominantly a human city, the control of the city is in the hands of the fey. General Elredd runs the city state of Wetland from the civic offices and his quarters in the Garrison. He is an fey with many years service in the Hawkmoon army. His reputation is as a cunning tactician. He was responsible for the campaign which halted the Kirin Clan of Honshu's advance into Hawkmoon territory and which sent the horsemen back to the east. He is advised and supported by a collection of trusted fey soldiers and clerics.   The high priestess of Elenir here is and elven maiden called Luthien. She is young for the position, very attractive and always smiling. She is adored by the population of the city and many consider her to be the city's icon.   The high priest of Mar is a human called Draskel. He is unusual in Wetland city in that he is a human in the upper levels of power in the city, but that is probably because most of the clergy of Mar throughout the Wildlands are human. His prefered style of choice is the longsword and shield.   Wetland city produces large amounts of weapons and armour for sale throughout the Wildlands. This is their main source of export. Ores are shipped in from Dominion for the main part, though some makes the long trip around the coast from the Western Cliffs of Haven. This ore is then used in the forging of great stores of war equipment. Most of the forging actually goes on in secret smithies located in the Garrison. The general population are not allowed in there as it is a restricted zone. Rumours are rife that the elven war lords have a group of dwarven smiths encorcelled or somehow bound as captives and forced to forge for them. Experts certainly agree that the weapons and armour coming out of the forges of Wetland city have more dwarven characteristics than elven.
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