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Wetland Marshes

The Wetland Marshes are a large sprawling morass of weeds, stagnant pools and creepers. They are always changing, impossible to map and infested with dangerous swamp dwellers, the most significant of which include a black dragon and a fearsome witch coven.
The marshes are impossible to cross afoot without painstaking effort. The trails switch back and lead to dead ends. Marsh lights are common in the deep, leading weary travellers to their doom. There are also huge crocodiles and all manner of lizards and snakes abundant in the swamp. It is said that all the reptiles are subjects of a great black dragon who is king of the domain. Certainly a large black shape has been spotted flying deep over the northern reaches of the marsh by eagle eyed elven watchmen on the ramparts of Wetland city.   Additionally hunters who do cross the swamp have reported coming across a coven of witches out in the western arm of the marsh. There have been reports of hunters being turned completely to stone by their ugly gaze, and of others being smashed to a pulp by the handsome guards these witches have gathered to themselves. What purpose this coven has is unknown but it serves to further discourage travellers from entering the marshes.   The river which winds its way to the sea through the marshes from the ruins of Gyal is a common trade and transport route. Flat bottom barges ply a constant stream of traffic up and down it and there are numerous river wardens patrolling the river, keeping it generally safe from predators. There are very few reported attacks on vessels travelling on the river.
Wetland / Swamp
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