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Murkwood is so named because the trees grow close together here and between spring and autumn their canopy shades the whole forest floor. As such there is little in the way of vegetation able to grow under the eaves but fungai are abundant.
Although this place has a dark and evil sounding name, it is actually a safe and pleasant forest. Fey live here and the forest is well cared for and protected. There are a few shrines to Elenir and a great priest of Elenir also makes this wood their home. Curiously this priest is said to be a dwarf of unusual taste who enjoys the company of fey and the wonders of nature.   Murkwood is sometimes used as a stopping point for raiders into Wetland. Due to its dark nature it is a good place to hide and even though it is inhabited by fey their numbers are small enough that there are many places in the wood that raiders or bandits can hole up unfound.
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