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Leafy End

Leafy End is a large sylvan wood on the far western coast of the Wildlands in the state of Lands End. It is home to the arch druid of the Wildlands and as such no one enters it without his say so. The locals know not to come here anymore.
The arch druid, or high priest of Elenir, depending on your point of view, is a reclusive figure of unknown identity. He or she does not accept random visitors passing into Leafy End. Travellers who have ventured into its eaves report being forced back by strangely well organised bands of animals, and one or two have even reported that the trees themselves stop passage deeper into their depths.   Priests of Elenir are of course allowed into the wood, as are usually those in their company but these priests never tell the identity of their high priest.   It is not believed that any dangerous monsters inhabit the Leafy End, but as reported above, many potentially dangerous animals certainly do and they seem keen to keep people out.
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