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The Dreadwood

The Dreadwood is a huge decidious woodland stretching for over twenty miles across. It is a very dangerous place mainly inhabited by orcs and half breeds. These creatures are tribal in nature and there is no overall ruler, instead each tribe hunts and forages in the forest independently, competing with each other for existance. This leads to common squabbles between tribes, which are usually violent.
On one edge of the Dreadwood a group of enterprising humans have set up a logging operation. It is well guarded by well paid men, and the loggers are also well paid which keeps the whole operation running smoothly. This group sell their wares to the shipwrights of Lands End City and on into Haven for a tidy profit.   It is said that a green dragon lives deep in the centre of the Dreadwood. There is definitely a large rocky outcrop pretty much central to the whole forest and this is where it is rumoured to lair. The orcs of the wood never venture too close to the centre of the forest for fear of the wyrm. Recent reports even say that a couple of different large flying beasts have been seen over the Dreadwood. Does this mean the dragon has taken a mate? These rumours are difficult to substantiate as they come from the Wildland's most unreliable source of information - Lands End city state. But the traveller should beware.   As well as orcs and a potential dragon or two, the Dreadwood abounds with dangerous life. All manner of dangerous animals live here, from wolves through bears and many of these grow to exceptional sizes. There are also a fair number of monstrous vermin reported in the forest.   Wayward pines are common in the Dreadwood, meaning it is a comfortable place to travel, but the wandering bands of orcs and other natives of the forest mean it's hardly safe. Given that there is nothing of importance to be found inside the wood, it's not really considered to be a sensible place for travellers to be going.   Having said that the Dreadwood was almost certainly inhabited by fey in the distant past so there are also rumours of fey ruins with the usual fey artefacts and relics to go with them. But nothing has ever been confirmed about the existence of fey ruins in the forest.
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