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The town of Bluff is split across the great Western Cliffs. The bottom of the town lays on the edge of the fertile Haven Plains and the upper section of the town sits atop the cliffs. A series of lifts allows traffic to flow from the bottom to the top.
The lower section of the town is where most people live. There is a temple to Elenir here set next to a natural lake. The upper section of the town is the industrial area where the warehouses are and the temple of Cashel. The upper town is laid out in a much more structured way, whereas the lower level is more rambling.   A wall protects the upper part of the town from the dangers of the Western Cliffs - primarily as this is where all the wealth of the town is to be found in the warehouses which are built here. The Gate allows traffic to pass into Bluff from the mines which support it scattered to the south of it in the hills.   The new Traders' Toll Road runs into Bluff from Haven city in the west and continues out towards Hishan in the east.
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